Project presentation – Hexagon Film Festival

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Hexagon Film Festival (name inspired by the hexagonal shape of Grosseto walls and the symbolism linked to the number 6) is a narrative short films festival, of a maximum duration of 20 minutes (including titles), based in the city of Grosseto, the Tuscan Maremma chief town. Direct expression of the city and the professionals that live there, Hexagon Film Festival brings the best of Italian and international short film production to the attention of the public of Grosseto, putting it on the map of film festivals.

Hexagon Film Festival, specialized in narrative cinema (by choice, in contrast with the spread of documentary style), is a contest with live screenings, divided into four sections: Tiferet (name of the sixth Sephirot of the Cabal, which indicates Beauty, Compassion, Harmonizing Principle, Glory), open to short films in live action with a free theme; Bereshit (Genesis in Hebrew, translated as “the one who created the six”), open to animated short films with a free theme; Il lato positivo/The Silver Lining, open to short films both for animation and live action, with the theme of disability; Corti in vetrina/Shorts in Shops, an innovative way of combining cinema and commercial activities: free-technique short films and videoclips with a free theme (but with a preference for works with a low word content) projected on the windows of shops in the historic center, with a popular jury.

HFF is the manifestation of cinema that the city lacks, often a place of filmic productions, but hardly a center for discussion and a showcase for short films or a destination for authors and producers, interested in displaying their vision about completed or future works. HFF presents itself as a fixed appointment for moving images, the only total medium, capable of uniting otherwise separate artistic forms. A meeting point for the public and cinema professionals, where it is possible to freely exchange different knowledge and experiences, and create new ones.

The festival, divided into two weekends between September and October (screenings in stores in the first, screenings at the cinema and awards ceremony in the second), aims to be a driving force for tourism in the late-summer period, bringing to Grosseto visitors with a passion for cinema and interested in staying overnight in Maremma, perhaps extending their presence beyond the duration of the festival itself. HFF wants to be an “excuse” to come to the Grosseto area, even when the weather has not changed yet, making it discover cultural places as well as beaches and other natural beauties.

With a jury of experts and important guests, HFF plans to involve the city and the artistic and productive panorama of short films, the test bed for tomorrow’s directors, from its very first edition. Through collaborations and sponsorships with the realities of the territory, the festival wants to establish itself as an unmissable event in terms of the works shown and for the cultural and tourist promotion of the city of Grosseto, ready to welcome the protagonists and lovers of contemporary cinema.